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Your home for Bobohugs.

Oh Em Gee Bobo
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Love and adoration of Christian Vieri.

No matter the ailment, Bobo makes it better.

Hangover? Gone. Ennui? Cured. Fever? Vanished. Black plague? Forget about it. (Desperate love for parenthesis? He'll work on it. (No promises, though.))

Whether you need a small drop of Bobo or a full-on BoboIV, omg_bobo is your source for one and all.

[Insert faint chants of "Join ... us! Join ... us!" here.]

There are very few rules here, apart from using common sense. Just please make sure you:
•Use LJ cuts. (One picture or video above the cut is fine; put anything else behind it, please.)
•Use tags.
•Be respectful.
•Appreciate Teh Bobo.

[AFFILIATES: super_pippo | ahh_serie_a | blackblue_blood | sandronesta | jogobonito | inter_pervs | hot_for_milan]

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