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7th-Jul-2009 08:39 pm - Oh, Bobo
misc | Bobo is Jesus
From here:
Vieri trains with Rovers
Posted on: Tue 07 Jul 2009

Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has confirmed that former Italy ace Christian Vieri has joined up with the first-team squad at their training camp in Austria.

Big Sam is looking to strengthen the striking department following the sales of Roque Santa Cruz and Matt Derbyshire.

Vieri, who has been without a club since leaving Serie A side Atalanta in April, has been invited to train with the squad in order to prove his fitness.

"Christian is there and he's seeing if he can get a level of fitness where he can play football again," said the Rovers boss.

"So from our point of view we felt there was no harm in having the lad with the lads, just seeing what level and what condition he is in.

"There is no questioning his ability, it is just about whether he can get himself at the level that is needed to compete in the Premier League.

"He's got a goal that perhaps if he can play somewhere this year he might even get in the World Cup squad next year, so that is a great incentive for anybody ...

"Christian is a great player with great talent and if he's still got the self-motivation and the dedication then fine. It is a bit of a long shot, but there is no harm at this time of year in having a good look at a top quality player like him."

All I can think about is how huge and miserable he's looked all summer, but I guess if Ronaldo and Adriano can do it, Bobo can, too. Maybe?
10th-May-2009 09:13 am - International Bobo Appreciation
misc | Bobo is Jesus
Following his muscular double-strike against Ecuador in the very forgettable 2002 World Cup, a poll by the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo found that women had selected Vieri as the most beautiful vision of a man to have ever lived.

Amid the rumors about Brazilian clubs lining up to reject teh Bobo, there's a nice, affectionate article about him and his career at goal.com (from which this news about the wise women of Ecuador came), complete with a giant picture of his nose.
16th-Apr-2009 09:16 am - NO WAI.
misc | Bobo is Jesus

(Artist's rendition.)

Since the whole LA thing mercifully fell through/was entirely made up in the first place, and the media need to talk about Bobo (they are only human, after all), he's is now reportedly lined up to participate in a couple Pokerstars tour events. He claims he still wants to play football, but really, really digs poker. Maybe this can just be a nice little break, full of sedentary adrenaline to keep him fit?

All we need now is for Shane Warne to turn up, and it'll be just like that fic Nol and I like to discuss!
7th-Apr-2009 09:30 am - Say it Ain't So, Bobo!
misc | Cosmos Chinaglia

Not the Galaxy, Bobo! Anyone but the Galaxy! (It is, however, sort of soothing that he's back with Melissa. Not soothing enough, mind you, but still nice.)

ETA: It's @ goal.com now, if you want an actual, human English report.

ETA2: LA's idiot coach Bruce Arena is saying the whole thing is made up. This is hopeful.
1st-Apr-2009 11:37 am - It Wasn't Supposed to End This Way
misc | Bobo is Jesus

He reportedly packed up his stuff and walked out yesterday, and Atalanta are releasing him from his contract because he wants it to be over. Poor, sad Bobo.
6th-Feb-2009 02:53 pm - <3
misc | Cosmos Chinaglia

That is all.
5th-Feb-2009 08:57 am - Le Sigh.
misc | Cosmos Chinaglia
The gossip press have been muttering about it for a few weeks, and now, with a "yeah, I don't really want to talk about it right now" from Bobo, it seems as if it's mostly confirmed: He and the 12-year-old have broken up. Awwww. (There are all sorts of rumors about him getting back together with Elisabetta Canalis, but I think that's just the press being hopeful. Though they do have a dog together, so you never know.)

This is particularly sad because this interview with Ms. Satta from a few weeks ago in which she talks about their future (SIGH) is pretty cute, and he looks, if not adoring, very tolerant when he shows up.

14th-Jan-2009 07:37 am - Bobo Hates the Cold. HATES IT.
misc | Bobo is Jesus

Stop that laughing, you, the man is miserable!
21st-Dec-2008 11:27 am - BOBOGOL!
misc | Bobo is Jesus
misc | Bobo is Jesus

(Well hello there, fangirls. Miss me?)

This was the Campari Calendar launch -- a terribly exclusive event, apparently. All I know is that Bobo and his ladyfriend look fantastic, and that Bobo's hair has grown out to glorious effect. (Now if he'd just stay away from the spoons, everything will be fine.)

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